John Hancock Vitality

Simple Term Life Insurance with Vitality

We are excited to announce our partnership with John Hancock! The John Hancock Vitality product offers financial protection and includes a rewards system for achieving health-related goals. More information on how you can access this product is coming soon.

The Vitality Program

With the Vitality product, customers earn rewards for healthy living and obtain exclusive access to resources designed to help them succeed on their wellness journey – all while saving money!

Earning rewards and tracking health goals with Vitality is easy – customers have the option to buy an Apple Watch for as little as $25 (plus tax) or receive a complimentary Fitbit Alta device to help them track the healthy decisions they make throughout the day. The Vitality product also includes discounts at major brand outlets like Amazon, Starbucks and REI. 

Simple Term with Vitality includes:

  • Annual life insurance premium savings
  • Complimentary Fitbit or a reduced-price Apple Watch ($25 plus taxes)
  • Up to $600 in healthy food savings each year
  • Entertainment, shopping and travel rewards

Life insurance with John Hancock Vitality is designed to help people live a healthier life. The underwriting process is simple, with a straightforward digital application followed by an instant decision. The policy can be issued and emailed to customers on the same day. Earn Vitality points by completing health-related activities, going to the doctor, and eating healthy: the higher the rewards level achieved, the greater the rewards!

About John Hancock

John Hancock serves approximately 10 million Americans through a wide range of products including life insurance, annuities, 401(k) plans and college savings plans. John Hancock is the first life insurance company in the United States to offer a wellness-based rewards program that incentivizes health living. To learn more about John Hancock and the Vitality program, visit

January 4, 2019 to January 4, 2020